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  •  - Automatic Transmission Options

  • Highway Series (HS)

    For vehicles that are on-highway only; straight truck and tractor vocations.

  • Emergency Vehicle Series - EVS

    For vehicles equipped with emergency signaling (siren, light bar, grill signal, etc.).

  • Rugged Duty Series (RDS)

    For vehicles that are used for construction, refuse markets, or on/off highway vocations.

Chassis - Axle

  • SFA 4x2

    chassis 4x2

    GVW: (front) 6,000 - 7,000

    (rear) 10,000 - 13,500 GCW:

    16,000 - 19,500

  • SFA 4x4

    chassis 4x4

    GVW: (front) 7,280 - 7,500

    (rear) 10,000 - 13,500 GCW:

    17,280 - 19,500

  • fuel economy
    aero truck

    Body Integration & Versatility

  • performance

    660 @ 1000

    lb.-ft. Torque RPM

    Horsepower 300

    @1900 RPM

  • safety
    diamond system
    radar Automated Pre-Trip Inspections & Safety Interlocks
  • comfort
    driver comfort
  • specifications


Disclaimer: International Trucks® models can be equipped with many different components and specifications. Some selected configurations, options, and colors may not be shown. All vehicle options and configurations are subject to change at any time. This vehicle configurator is intended to be experimental only. It does not include all available options. Please consult your local dealer to ensure your vehicle meets the demands of your vocation.